2019-03-24 18:22:44,Momme
Mamy was a perfect driver and guide for our tour through Madagascar. It seems, he always knows something to tell you about, no matter where you are, and that he knows someone in every spot of the country. Thanks for the amazing tour and all the help of you. We wish you all the best!
2018-08-15 13:34:36,Peter Methven
Mamy is a spectacular host and was exceptionally helpful throughout my stay in Madagascar ! He really is the man on the ground for all of your needs. A pleasure to have a beer with and even drink some ginger rum !
2014-09-22 18:16:07,admin
We welcome your comments about this site and the tours that you have done with Mamy! On apprecie votre commentaire apropos du site et du tour que vous avez effectué avec Mamy!
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